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Sep 25 2012


by Kali Marcott

Coming to EMU as a freshmen, there are a lot of things to think about. Your class scheduale, your roomates, your suitmates, your study time and things to do for fun. Well, come to find out, I had a billion options to choose from. Since I moved away from home to campus, I was leaving a lot of my friends behind. Those friends and I used to dance the weekends away to our Spanish music all the time. Alas! I shant no more! Or shant I?

Doing the exploring I did as a freshmen, I found out I could take Zumba classes in the wonderful world of the Rec/IM. I thought, “That is going to cost way tpo much!” Curiosity took over, and I went to look into the prices and such. Before I knew it, I signed up for a very reasonable price of $50.00 for 14 sessions! Oh I was already excited!

I went to my first day of class and was gleaming with excitement! Of course I already know the Spanish dances because it runs through my veins, but by taking the class the instructor shows you how to do the dance while working out various parts of your body! YES! Dancing is a workout!

The Zumba classes at EMU are awesome! The music is fun and up beat. I know all the words to most of them, and my favorite part about it all? They play Daddy.


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