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Apr 03 2013

When Eagles and Wings Collide

by Joy Schollmeier

Eastern Excursions
I went on my first EMU Eagle Excursion this February. Let me just say, it was SO much fun! Like OMG! Eagle Excursions are awesome opportunities that Campus Life embraces. They are to meet, mingle, cheer, shop, and just have fun. The one I attended was a discounted round-trip ticket to a pro hockey game featuring Detroit’s own Red Wings!
Transportation is proved and the bus was fancy! It definitely was not one of those yellow school buses that we used to ride for our elementary school field trips. I found out you can see CANADA just across the river! So cool! Also, hockey players are pretty attractive and foreign. I did not know that before. Plus, it was fun to hang out with friends and other students from EMU.


There are a lot of places that the Eagle Excursion’s bus can take EMU students and their friends! The bus heads off-campus for big city shopping trips, museum visits, professional sporting events, and theatre performances. These trips could be to Cedar Point for Hallowed-Weekends or the Detroit Opera House to see The Lion King, just to name a few!
Still not convinced to try out an excursion? The tickets are all sold at “fit-for-college-student” prices!
I would highly recommend on being a part of the next Eagle Excursions. You definitely will not be disappointed!

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