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Jan 16 2013

True Life: I Visited a Reptile Zoo

by Sarah Orr

Reptile Stew:
(All included)

4 servings of Caiman crocodiles
3 servings of Rhinoceros Iguanas
3 servings of Crocodile Monitors
3 servings Caiman lizards
2 servings of flighted Red Macaws
2 servings Sulcata Tortoises
2 servings of Beaded Lizards
1 serving Black throated monitor
1 serving Peach throated monitor
1 serving Blue monitor
1 serving Black and White Tegu
1 serving Anaconda
1 serving 18ft Reticulated python
With sprinkles of invertebrates, various spider species, turtles, frogs (aquatic and
tropical), snake species, pancake tortoises…
Slight serving of venom sauce

Serving Size: All day
Amount per serving: Multiple visits
Calories: 0
Calories from fat: Also 0
Vitamin Z: 100%

Doesn’t that sound delicious? Whether you are a reptile fanatic or just simply love animals then you should check of the World of Discovery the Great Lakes Zoological Society’s Reptile Zoo! Its located in Ann Arbor on Jackson Rd! Only 15-20 mins from campus.

The Zoo has a variety of animals, such as those in the recipe, and is adamant about the rescue and conservation amongst its unique species.

You’re broke? Can’t afford to go anywhere? No worries, the Reptile Zoo is only $7 per person… and the experience is PRICELESS!

If this didn’t convince you, then check out the photos that follow:

Black Throated Monitor

Rhinoceros Iguana

Poisonous Dart Frog

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