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Dec 04 2012

The 20 Coolest Things About December

by blogeastern

By: Chelsea Vincent

  1. Obviously the number one coolest thing about December is that my birthday is on December 4th, and this year I will be turning 21, so clearly that is the coolest thing about the month.
  2. Cutting down the perfect Christmas tree, and then decorating it with the family is always a great holiday pastime.
  3. SNOW! (If we ever get any) This opens up a whole new world of fun things to do including sledding, snowman building, snowball fights, building snow forts, and catching snowflakes. (Just to name a few)
  4. You can get your picture taken at the mall with old Saint Nick! (You’re never too old)
  5. Putting up festive lights and decorations around the house is always a fun way to celebrate the holiday, and December is a way better month to do so than any other! (Especially July)
  6. Have a holiday cookie decorating party! You can buy tons of cookies from GFS for an inexpensive price.
  7. December is the perfect excuse to listen to the prettiest, most perfect, and most happiest music on the planet…Michael Buble’s Christmas album!
  8. Having an excuse to give presents to those who you love the most. There are many holidays during the month of December and plenty of ways to spoil those near and dear to your heart!
  9. There are lots of ways to volunteer during the month of December; a great place to get involved is through the VISION office at EMU!
  10. You can go ice skating in University Park when the lake freezes over! The RecIm only charges $1 to rent ice skates from them.
  11. Build a gingerbread house! What a fun (and tasty!) activity to do with friends!
  12. If you and your roommates want a fun and festive way to decorate your place, you can always make a cut out snowflakes to hang in the window!
  13. The best candy always comes out during December! It is finally socially acceptable to gorge yourself with candy canes again! Yay!
  14. There’s lots of festive holiday treats you can start baking in your residence hall in December like gingerbread cookies, puppy how, and snow balls!
  15. For the craft lovers, December is your month! There are so many ways you can spruce up your place with just some scissors and paper! As I mentioned earlier you can create transform you your place in to a winter wonderland with paper snowflakes, but you can also create Christmas wreathes as well, and paper Christmas trees!
  16. The best movie ever made is always perpetually playing on almost every channel ever, Elf! During the month of December the one thing that I can rely on is that Elf will always be playing on at least one TV channel at some point during the day.
  17. For those who love to shop, December has to be your favorite month! There are always crazy sales going on during this month.
  18. Winter Break! During December EMU gets a two and a half week long break from classes! This is always a very restful and well needed break that is something students always look forward to!
  19. Going Christmas caroling is a fun way to bring you and your friends together! “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”
  20. Starbucks brings back their wonderful festive drinks like the peppermint mocha (or peppermint white mocha), gingerbread latte, and their lovely eggnog latte! They also have their delicious frosted snowman cookie, cranberry bliss bar, peppermint brownie cake pop, and holiday gingerbread! All of which can be put on your EMU meal plan! Yummmm!!

There you have it! A list of twenty reasons why December is the coolest month ever, and fun activities to do during the month as well! Now go out there and dominate a snowball fight!

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