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Jul 25 2014

Summer Abroad

by blogemu

Study Abroad
By: Theresa Riles
Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity! I would encourage anyone that is considering it, to do so. First, visit the Study Abroad Fair. The next Study Abroad Fair will be October 7, 2014. There you will get to learn about the programs offered for the year. Look for trips that fit your major or interest. After you pick your program you will apply to the class. I would recommend only applying to programs you are serious about because the application consists of: application, transcript, essay, and two faculty recommendations. I was lucky to find a program like Challenges and Opportunities: A Multi-Disciplinary Examination of Higher Education in Ecuador. With my major, there was not a programed offered, but I do want to go into Higher Education Student Affairs after I graduate. I took the chance and applied and was accepted.

Ecuador was amazing. It was so beautiful to study and enjoy the country. I was very nervous at first to join a trip as the only undergraduate student, in a graduate level course, but as a class we did bond like a family in the two weeks we traveled. We visited many universities to learn about and compare and contrast their higher education system against our own. We had fun hiking in the rainforest, taking a gondola ride to a volcano, visiting a hot springs spa, seeing a ballet and so much more. If I could, I would do it all over, or even travel on another trip. It was a once in a lifetime chance, and I am happy I was able to participate in it.
Major: Communication (minor: General Business)
Graduation Year: April 2015

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