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Sep 13 2012

Pure EMU!

by Michelle Carter

This summer, two guys set out to film a new Pure Michigan commercial which featured 50 cities all over Michigan. This commercial was filmed in one week’s time, which is pretty incredible for being all over Michigan!

One of the cities that was featured in this video was Ypsilanti, home to EMU. Eastern students and faculty were given the opportunity to participate in this commercial and of course I had to take up this opportunity. It was in the middle of a Wednesday and took about three hours to practice, shoot and perfect the five seconds we are featured.

The shooting took place in the middle of the street right by the water tower. There was a dancing Elvis, a giant rubber duck, people in Greek togas and even Swoop! To the song of “Good Time” by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepson, the hundreds of people that showed up danced and sang to make their star debut right then and there.

The video made its appearance on Fox news in the middle of September and will hopefully be used for many stations on TV. Even though you cannot see me, I know and you know I am in the video!

Check out why Michigan is so great and also why EMU is even more amazing.


  1. Fantastic video! I just hope the talks to bring it back will work soon, because it’s a shame to rob the world from Michigan awesomeness!

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