Feb 21 2020

How To Make the Most out of Winter Recess

by blogemu

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..   Finally, it’s the time we have been waiting for since winter semester began, right? WINTER BREAK! I’m no travel agent, but I am a college student and I know how to have fun. Being a college student means I am just as broke, if not a little more. Also, knowing how to have fun means that I love being out and about exploring new things.


. The key to an amazing winter break is having supportive friends and family surrounding you. That’s the key to a good time at any time because you need to laugh and give your mind a break. Good family and friends have innate nature to make sure the people they surround themselves with are having a great time.

.  The next step to having a successful winter break is to get out of the house and explore something. Dig deeper into something you enjoy doing. Take a road trip somewhere. The road trip doesn’t have to be the whole week you are out, it could be an extended weekend. If you are driving, make sure everyone who’s riding has gas money. If you are riding, make sure you have gas money.

.  Airbnbs are the new wave. Most times, they are really good prices and they are really nice and clean. Also, customer service is very helpful and responsive. The prices jump really high around holidays and if a special event is going on around the city. In that case, make sure you book as early as possible. If not, try to book really late because sometimes they have “last minute” prices. Hotels are always a safe bet when traveling to unknown areas. Look at multiple sites, and compare prices before booking.


.  If all fails because you are not financially stable, I suggest working and saving any extra money during the break to put towards another break. Keep in mind that a break could be as short as an extended weekend or as long as two months. Seize every break because most professions have no such thing. Look at places you would like to experience and do research on prices to travel, stay, and function (eating, shopping, and transportation). Start a group message with people you’d like to spend your breaks with.


.  Last but not least, be open minded when dealing with other people. The more people you travel or spend time with, the more flexible and open minded you should be. Be optimistic and positive about every situation.

About the writer:

My name is Sydney Bierria. I am a transfer student ( in my junior year) here at EMU. My major is communication and I plan to build an empire as a TV personality. Besides the GoSocial Street Team, I am not in any other organizations, although I should add that I am interested in the Black Media Association, and other social organizations that promote loyalty, friendship and growth!

Feb 14 2020

The Color of Drums at EMU

by blogemu

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 .    Founded in 2001, Poetry Society hosts The Color of Drums (TCOD) in Pease Auditorium annually. The Color of Drums was initially founded by a Poetry Society oldhead; “Blake”. TCOD is the only staged event on campus where modern poetry and acting collide. This TCOD cycle, There were 8 skits guided by different titles, Crossing Lines, TRIGGER WARNING, 6 Feet, Watch the Throne, Masterpiece, Doors Up, and RockStars. This year, The Color of Drums was completely dedicated to honor the legacy of Tiran Maion Burell, a poetry society old-head who recently passed away at 29. To break the skits up, there was a halftime performance given by the Diversion Dance Troupe (Poetry Society’s sister org) and the Alpha Phi Alpha (The Fraternity Tiran pledged). TCOD works this way: the theme is declared by the MLK committee and then PS has a sub theme for the show itself. This is also the biggest show for PS. Our newbies who plan to earn membership in PS tend to do their first major show with us after months of grounded group work.


  This event impacted my life because Tiran was the closest thing I had to a black hero. Without Tiran, my experience at EMU would be completely different. Tiran was the coordinator of BrotherHOOD, a coalition Living Learning Experience with the mission to further extend wisdom. BrotherHood provides resources for black boys from underprivileged communities or families, and assists them with navigating the college experience. Tiran was also a prominent member of the EMU Poetry Society (PS) and the reason I was introduced to PS. This show was dedicated to him because Tiran is a legacy in and of itself, as he has done 7 TCOD cycles which is the most done in PS ever. Tiran also helped me get my first real job, which was working in the Office of Urban Community Development and International Outreach in Porter. I was fortunately able to work on most of my poetry and learn more about professionalism. With Tiran, it feels like a part of me no longer exists. But in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Black History Month, it is a timeless necessity to reflect on not only the famous figures who paved road the way as activists, but also the black role models who made the road easier to travel down.

About the writer:

Hello! My name is Mack Colston Jr. and I am a junior at EMU. Although I am actively involved in Poetry Society, I also enjoy singing and playing my guitar.

Feb 07 2020

Black History Month at EMU

by blogemu

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.photo credithttps://multicultural.uiowa.edu/celebrations/black-history-month/


.According to History.com, Black History Month was first established in 1915. Throughout the centuries, the significance of this particular month has played a huge role in defining the true meaning behind African Americans and their culture. Whether it is breaking records or creating a platform for other minorities, African American identity plays a huge role in the United States as a whole.


Historical African Americans and Places:


Garrett Morgan Sr. ( the inventor of the first traffic lights)
website of Garrett Morgan Sr.

  • Born in Claysville (Harrison County, Kentucky), Morgan later moved to Cincinnati, Ohio at the age of 14 years old due to employment.
  • Later on, Morgan established his own business in Cleveland, Ohio, dealing with sewing machines. Throughout his time in Cleveland,  Morgan was able to develop his own invention of a belt fastener for the sewing machines, establishing a patent in 1912.  
  • Years later, Morgan invented the smoke hood (a fireman’s mask) and traffic signal light between the early 1900s.


Black Wall Street of America: 


Documentary of Black Wall Street

  •  Black Wall Street was fully Developed on May 31st, 1921, located in Greenwood District, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
  •  This Historical place  had the significance of establishing African Americans within  their communities.
  • Black owned businesses created economic growth amongst the African American communities.
  • Race riots brought it to an end on June 1, 1921. 


Interesting Books and  Movies by African Americans:

The Autobiography of Malcolm X 

Authors:  Malcom X and Alex Haley 

  • This books talks about the life behind human right activist Malcom X.
  • Throughout the book, readers are given life lessons , which can be used today.
  • Topics dealing with self esteem & unity

The Great Debaters Film (2007)

  • Directed by Denzel Washington

Higher Learning

  • Directed by John Singleton 
  • Dealing with incoming college students from different backgrounds, who face challenges amongst each other.

The New Jim Crow

Author Michelle Alexander

  • Deals with the mass incarcerations amongst African American and other minorities across America.
  •  Focus on the true meaning of behind the word “ justice” in America.


Here is Eastern Michigan University’s campus event schedule for this upcoming week for Black History Month:


Sun Feb 9, 2020:

The Intersection at the EMU Student Center


Fri Feb 7:

“North Star”
from 2:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. at Quirk Sponberg Theatre


For more information on events, please visit


About the writer:

Hello! My name is Bianca Ramsey and I am currently a junior at EMU. I am pursuing a BA in Media Studies & Journalism while being a reporter & writer for the Eastern Echo.