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Jul 24 2012

Orientation Rocks!

by Michelle Carter

First Four is just like it sounds, the first four days of school. This is a great opportunity for freshmen and transfers to begin meeting students here at EMU. Each day has different activities and things to do for the new students. Some of the great things that you cannot miss during orientation include:

  1. Free Meals! Every day there is breakfast, lunch and dinner for students. Some of the favorites include Fajita Fest and Ypsilanti food.
  2. Close Up! This is a theater group that does a performance on what to expect for students.
  3. Fajita Fest! This is where you can find out about every single club and organization that is on EMU’s campus and sign up for as many as you would like.
  4. Play fair! This is crazy, fun and exciting icebreakers that allow you to meet so many new people.
  5. Campus Tour! Your NSOA leader will follow you through campus to help you find your classes.

These are just a few of the great things that come with the wonderful First Four orientation. If you miss out on this great experience, then you will probably be lost, have a small amount of friends and not be in love with the amazing EMU.

So, come have fun and be crazy.


  1. Fantastic video! I just hope the talks to bring it back will work soon, because it’s a shame to rob the world from Michigan awesomeness!

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