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Jun 29 2018

My College of Education Experience: Sierra Moran

by blogemu

With 4 years of undergrad in the books, I am getting ready to finish up my remaining credits and start my student teaching experience.


Although the thought of graduating is exciting, I am well-aware of the lingering job search that awaits me.


So, the big question is: How will I stand out among fellow educators and secure a teaching position?




EMU’s College of Education stands out because of the number of field experiences that are offered to their students.


The COE requires all their teacher candidates to complete a minimum of 100 pre-student teaching hours before they can start their actual student teaching experience.


Those 100 hours are spent working with students of all ages, in a variety of different schools and other learning environments.


My teacher education courses have given me endless opportunities to be in a classroom working hands-on with students; whether it was working with 5th-grade students on the Carton 2 Garden contest or weekly literacy sessions with 3rd graders at a local charter school.


Out of all the opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to have experience, I am most grateful for my involvement in the grant-funded, River Rouge Art Integration Project.


The objective of this project was to incorporate art instruction into the core curriculum. As outlined in the program’s description, the purpose of this project was to explore the benefits of art programs and the influence they can have on students’ academic performance.


Alongside my peers, we worked diligently each week to transform the curriculum topic into a fun, creative activity for 7th and 8th-grade students. A few of my favorite lessons that we taught were building lemon volcanoes to observe a chemical reaction…

…and designing Calder inspired mobiles to introduce kinetic energy.

It was amazing to watch my students understand the content and excel at the task at hand. As a teacher, it doesn’t get much better than that.


This project put me in a position to use what I have been learning in my courses, design engaging lessons, and teach those lessons to middle school students.


I am certain that everything I have learned from this experience will continue to mold me into the teacher that I strive to be.


I am thankful to be in a program that recognizes the importance of real-world experiences and knows the impact that it will have on our futures beyond EMU.


When the time comes for me to hang up my cap and gown, I know that I will not only have the knowledge to back me up, but I will have the experience too.


If you would like to learn more about the River Rouge Art Integration project, check out: http://www.riverrougearts.org



My name is Sierra Moran. I am a 5th year student here at EMU, studying elementary education with a focus in integrated science. Ideally, I would like to use my degree to teach middle school science or upper elementary. My experience at Eastern helped me to find my home among my sisters in the Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. This fall I will be an NSOA and I can’t wait to meet all our new Eagles! When I am not at school, I am typically working as a barista at Starbucks.


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