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Jan 14 2013

JOB 101 – Making Money, Getting Paid

by blogeastern

This blog explains the process of becoming employed on campus.  It’s pretty simple.

Credit Hours: 0
Enrollment Cost: $0

Student Employment is a powerful force behind the functioning of our campus, and students of all economic situations are now finding themselves employed by Eastern Michigan University.  The University Advising and Career Development Center (UACDC) now best facilitates the employment of students both through College Work Study (CWS) and regular circumstances of student interest.  In working with the UACDC, students receive access to job listings across campus as well as free assistance in writing a resume or practicing for professional interview situations.  The UACDC can be found in McKenny Hall on the EMU campus, or contacted via phone at (734) 487-4278.

Some popular job opportunities on campus include:

Dining Services
Office Assistants (OA)
Front Desk Secretarial Workers
Resident Advisers (RA)
Student Eyes and Ears for University Safety (SEEUS)
Night Watch
and many more!

So if you are searching for productive ways to fill time, job experiences to put on future resumes, or just extra cash… Now you know!  Contact the UACDC, and they can help you out.

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