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Apr 02 2013

International House of Eagles!

by Joy Schollmeier

International House Roommates

I now live, as a sophomore, in my fourth residence hall. And from all the obstacles, I would say it has definitely been worth it.  I now call the Village Building F my home. Or as others call it “I-House”, or the International House.


I have three Japanese roommates whom are all amazing! Also, there are two other American roommates, one of them being a transfer this semester from Central Michigan University and the other in her first year of graduate school.
One would think having so many girls in just four bedrooms, one living room, and two bathrooms would be quite hectic. But on the contrary, it is quite homey and I love every single one of them.
We have “Japanese Word of the Day.” This is usually a pretty comic half hour of our day. Cheryse is really good at repeating what our Japanese roommates teach us, but I on the other hand am a slow learner. So it takes me about the fifteenth time to actually repeat the word correctly with the right pronunciation. I am now fluent with any kind of “Good morning,” “Good evening,” “Good afternoon,” “Please,” “Thank you,” or “Weather phrases.” And I cannot wait to learn more!
Better yet, we have friends on the floor below us who are from Britain! Who doesn’t love a boy with an English accent?!!?!??!?! However, there is still a language barrier! Who would have thought it would be so hard to understand someone else that speaks English!!!
So when people ask me why I live in the International House, I just simply respond with a smile and say why not?!
The photo attached below is of one of my roommate’s, Yuka, birthday party. We introduced her to chewy, fudgy brownies with Nutella as frosting. Needless to say, they were gone by the end of the night! 

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