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Jul 26 2019

Group Fitness Classes at the Rec

by blogemu

Nothing’s better than fun AND free fitness classes! You should already know that services at the Rec/IM are included in student fees on campus, meaning that if you’re not coming to the Rec, you’re missing out on something you’re already paying for. What you might not know is that there are free group fitness classes at the Rec/IM most of the year!


During the regular school year and Summer A, EMU Students and community affiliate REC/IM members can enjoy several offerings, such as Spin, Pound, Weight Training, “Butts & Gutts”, H2O fitness, and more. Classes are no more than an hour long, and are offered Monday through Friday. The Fall schedule is coming soon, and will be posted on the Rec/IM Group Fitness website: https://www.emich.edu/recim/fitness/classes/index.php


Students participating in a Group Fitness class stated, “My personal philosophy is that fitness is a lifelong journey that is different for everyone. We all are uniquely motivated and enjoy diverse activities. Physical activity provides benefits far beyond physical wellness including many other dimensions of health, ” said Kristi Teasdale, Assistant Director of the Rec/IM and Aquatic Exercise Instructor. “Participants gain a realistic understanding of how taking responsibility for personal health will impact their ability to be successful in a host of environments. Try something new. You might like it” (Rec/IM website).

One Instructor, Grace Rowe, invited me to do just that. Grace teaches spin. For those unfamiliar, spin is an indoor bike-based High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. Depending on the instructor and the comfort level of the participant, the work out can be as intense as desired. Rowe received her spin certification through Mad Dogg Athletics and has been with the Rec/IM and at Eastern since 2014. She is double-majoring in Sports Performance and Creative Writing with a minor in Entrepreneurship.
“I would say to somebody thinking about doing Spin for the first time to go for it, Spin class is your time, and everything we do is for you,” said Rowe. “I push each athlete to be their best whatever that means, and at the end of the day, we are there to have fun and do something great together.”

Grace Rowe instructing during Friday morning Spin (Photo Courtesy of Abigail Postema)

What do you think? I’m convinced. Up until now I’ve been a little intimidated by spin, but I think I’ll try going to Grace’s class in the Fall. Eric Antolak, another Group Fitness Instructor at the Rec (now returning to the facility as a Graduate Assistant) had this to say: “Group Fitness at the Rec/IM is an incredible opportunity for all students on campus. All instructors are certified by nationally accredited certifications and the classes are free of charge!” Antolak is studying Sports Performance and Entrepreneurship. After playing competitive sports in high school and going on his own weight loss journey, Erik chose a career educating others on how to exercise safely and properly. “We offer a broad range of classes that assist with whatever goals you may have in mind. Group Fitness is also an excellent opportunity for students to pursue a job in the fitness industry as all of our current instructors attend EMU!”

Eric Antolak demonstrating a proper kettlebell squat (Photo Courtesy of Abigail Postema)

The Rec is always looking for qualified trainers and instructors! If you are a certified personal trainer or instructor and you are interested in working at the REC/IM, please contact Eric Antolack or Kristi Teasdale and visit the REC/IM’s Student Employment page for an application.

About the writer:

Hiya! I’m Vee, and I’m a graduate student at EMU pursuing concurrent MAs in Creative Writing and Written Communications. I’ve worn a lot of hats at EMU in my decade here. I was born and raised in Ypsilanti, and I’m an expert on all things local. My rescue cat “Toni Bologna” is my life!

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