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Apr 12 2018

Finals Study Tips

by blogemu

It may seem like we’ve all just began our fall semester of school but guess what, final exams are just around the corner!


Yes, final exams can be pretty tough because despite all the homework assignments and group projects you’ve done over the semester, your final exam plays a huge role in your overall grade. Even though finals are quickly approaching there is no need to stress!


I’ve come up with 5 great tips to help you study for your exams.


The first tip is PLAN.


Planning is major. Plan out when you are going to study for your finals and how long you’re going to study for a certain class. Some classes you may need to spend a little more extra time on. If you put in the work up front to plan out your study schedule in accordance with everything else you have going on, you will be a lot less stressed in the long run. Plan! It’s worth it, I promise.


The second tip is don’t be afraid to get help and ask questions.


Eastern Michigan University has multiple resource centers dedicated to help you. Some resources are the Math Lab, The University Writing Center, and even the Academic Projects Center.


The third tip is to study in groups or with someone else.


Try to study with people that won’t get you easily off track. It can be helpful to study with others because a peer might have the information down and everyone participating in the studying group can divide the chapter and conquer it all.


The fourth tip is to change it up.


Don’t continuously study using the same plain white note cards. Try using multicolored note cards, highlighting in different colors, or even trying using different mnemonic devices to remember pieces of information.


The fifth and final step I have is get good sleep before each exam.


Sleep is so very important. When you don’t get enough sleep you can not fully focus on the task at hand, and we want to be able to focus during out final exams.


It’s okay to be stressed about exams just remember to do your best and you got this!


-My name is Chassidy Donaldson. I am a 3rd year student here at Eastern Michigan University. I am  majoring in Communication with a minor in Leadership and Media and Film studies. Currently i am an RA in Sellers Hall while also being apart of the street team.

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