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Nov 08 2019

“Fallow” These Tips For Getting Involved on Campus

by blogemu

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.   Something we fail to remember as humans is that everyone has a place somewhere. At Eastern Michigan University, you have the opportunity to find your place in many different organizations that you can join right on campus! If clubs aren’t for you, then you can become a tutor, or simply just attend events. Whether you are active at the Rec/IM or involved in student government, there is always comfort in your home away from home. At Eastern, we have different clubs that involve innovation, dance, gaming, math, music, and professionalism!


 .. Finding a club that is the perfect fit for you is the hard part, but with EagleSync (https://emich.campuslabs.com/engage/), a webpage provided to you by the university with all of the registered clubs that you could join, it becomes super easy! On EagleSync, there is contact information for each organization. After looking through all of the clubs, you’re bound to find the perfect fit. Once you come in contact with a member, take the risk, go to a meeting, and become a member yourself. If a student organization just isn’t for you after all that search, then you can always look into Greek Life. EMU Greeks are super friendly and always looking to expand their life-long friends.


.  Another way to get involved outside of clubs is at the Rec/IM. At the Rec, you can join intramural sports, which is open to all EMU students, and meet fellow eagles. The best way to do so is through the website. With such a wide variety of clubs and organizations, there is never a shortage of events to go to. On the EMU Engage app, there is a list of plenty of events to attend for just one evening. Attending events is a good way to expand not only your friend circle, but your networks as well. Most likely, the more events you go to on campus, the higher the opportunity for free food appears. Fliers are always posted around campus and inside residence halls, so you can always be informed of new events and information. On the mobile app, there are ways to connect with students outside of any organization. The feed page shows all students and their posts to interact with others. There are no limits in how you can get involved on campus this Fall. It’s never too late to request a meeting with a group and join. You can always go to events and meet others with similar interests. The possibility of not finding a great fit is slim, however if you want, you can also start your own student organization and help get others involved. At Eastern University, you can always find your place as an eagle.

 About the writer:

            Shayla Parham is a first-year student at Eastern majoring in Public Relations. She works as a desk assistant at the Leadership and Counseling Office as well as being a team member of the Go Social Media Team. Shayla is a member of Optimize Eastern and University Christian Fellowship. Shayla enjoys music of all genres and quality time with her friends.

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