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May 14 2017

EMU’s ‘intrusive advising’ can overcome barriers to 4-year degree

by blogemu

It might sound uncomfortable, but “intrusive advising” is exactly what students need to overcome barriers to a 4-year bachelor’s degree and get on track for a more promising career. It’s like a proactive Q&A with a college advisor (so it is an interrogation of sorts!) that helps identify obstacles to finishing a degree and figure out in advance how to get past them.


Do you have the time to finish a degree? Can you afford it? How can you balance classes with work? With family? With the rest of things you value in life?


At Eastern Michigan University, many College of Business students aren’t fresh out of high school. They’re living life, and dealing with its challenges. They’re juggling school, work, family, and more, and they’re rising to the occasion.


Make an appointment with an EMU advisor to chart a course for finishing your college degree.


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How? They’re getting good “intrusive advising” – otherwise known as helpful guidance. Here’s a description from Deedra Springgay, the Coordinator of Undergraduate Student Services in EMU’s College of Business:


“We have a conversation. I ask a lot of questions. I don’t just tell you what classes you have left to do. I want to sit down with you and find out what’s happening in your life.


“We have students with cancer. We have students with small kids at home. We have students who commute. We have students who want to get done as quickly as possible. All of those are going to have different paths, and we match the path to the student. We’re really here to make sure you get through college in a timely and efficient path. My teammates and I really want to do the best we can for each of our individual students.”


Whatever your situation, it’s possible to transfer to EMU and complete a business degree. Time and money are common problems that can be solved with wise planning and helpful guidance.


Whether you’re in community college or it has been a few years since you’ve been in a classroom, you can make an appointment to meet with an advisor in EMU’s College of Business and talk about how finishing your degree can help you achieve your professional goals. You can meet with an EMU advisor at any time for free, even if you haven’t started applying for admission.


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By asking “intrusive” questions, EMU can help you figure out how to make college work for you by charting a course that takes into account your unique situation. We can talk about how an EMU business degree can boost your career and job prospects, and what kind of return on investment to expect.


The process and timeline for going back to college may look different for you than for a traditional undergraduate. It might even look different from every other student on campus. But the result will be the same: a degree from a business school that The Princeton Review has named one of the country’s best for 2017.


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