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Jan 31 2020

EMU CloseUp Rises Up Against Injustice

by blogemu

. .  Hello everyone! Over the weekend, there were lots of events to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but I wanted to share my experience about performing in my first CloseUp show. It was very emotional because it was … Continue reading

Jan 24 2020

Challenges of Being a Freshman

by blogemu

.  .  .            .Coming to college as a young adult is quite challenging. In my experience, I was constantly thinking about what it’s like to be completely independent and on your own? I also didn’t … Continue reading

Jan 10 2020

Five Tips For Transfer Students

by blogemu

.   .You have decided to transfer to a new school. Despite your parents’ advice and what some of your close friends are saying, you desire a change. A part of you is afraid that you’re making the wrong choice. … Continue reading