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Mar 14 2018


by blogemu


Counseling and Psychological Services, also known as CAPS, is located in the Snow Health Center and is dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of Eastern Michigan University students.


CAPS provides each student with 12 free appointments per school year. They offer a variety of services including groups and workshops, psychiatric services, referrals, consultation, and they also offer special events.


There are many reasons that a student might go to CAPS for counseling, some common examples include students struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, concerns relating to sexuality, or abuse.


The CAPS website provides The Mental Health Screening, a free confidential screening to help you determine if you could benefit from professional help with mental health, eating or alcohol use. This screening as well as more information about CAPS can be found here.


Their services typically require an appointment, but they do offer emergency appointments when needed. You can contact the CAPS staff by emailing counseling.services@emich.edu or calling (734)481-0050 during their business hours of 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.


For emergencies outside of business hours, students my call their After-Hours Phone Service by dialing (734)487-1118.


Students who take advantage of the free or paid services provided by CAPS have said that they have been able to better focus on their studies by talking out their problems with their helpful staff.


The students have also stated that they felt “overall happier” and “like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders.”


One student I spoke to said “talking about my problems with the professional staff made it easier for me to talk about those same problems with my friends and family, which ultimately made me feel closer to them.”


Another student shared that the services “…Helped save my relationship. I learned that talking about my feelings with my partner was super important to the health of our relationship.”


The services that CAPS offers students can be incredibly beneficial. I encourage all EMU students to check them out and give it a try!






Joshua Young is a sophomore at EMU studying Marketing with a minor in communication. He is originally from Brighton, Michigan. Josh works for the Eastern Michigan University Street Team and the Ad Sales Department for The Eastern Echo. He is a member of The Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, The Honors College, NSCS, NSOA, The American Marketing Association and the College of Business Mentor Program.

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