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Dec 06 2013

A Smart Way to Spend Winter Break

by blogemu

EMU Extended Programs


I am Trevis Harrold, an undergraduate student at EMU with a double major in Political Science and Economics, and one of the best and most beneficial programs I have found here at EMU is the Up North Winter Break Program offered through the Extended Programs department.  The Up North program takes place at Shanty Creek Resorts in Bellaire, Michigan, about four hours north of main campus, and allows you to get up to 4 credits in one week!


Personally, my experience with the Winter Break program was great. I was able to take CTAC 124, a general education requirement class, and complete it in just one week. One week as opposed to a normal 15 week class  made a big difference for me.  It allowed me to open up my class schedule for that entire semester. I also found that with this class I was able to interact with my professor on a whole new level. I was able to eat lunch and dinner with her, asking  questions about the lectures in class and about what student organizations to join too. Since there is only a week to complete your class, it is so much more interactive and you get the benefits of a smaller class size too. I met so many friends during my week up north that I still keep in touch with now.


Don’t forget that you’re at a ski resort too, and I went snowboarding down some huge hills! So, whenever I needed to take a break from all the class work (outside of class time – of course), I was able to snowboard with some friends and have some fun. Some students even took a snowboarding or skiing class for credit at EMU! The environment was just great during the Up North program and the staff and faculty up there really try their best to help you  have the best experience possible. I am really thankful for the opportunity I had to take classes Up North and I would recommend this unique program to other EMU students too!

Interested in earning credit over Winter Break 2014? Find out more details and available courses for the Feb. 23-28 program at emich.edu/winterbreak. Courses fill quickly so don’t wait to register.


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