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Oct 06 2011

A Definite College To-Do: Football Road Trips

by blogeastern

By: Kristi Adams / For BlogEMU.com

Why making a college football road trip should be on your college experience “to-do” list.

Even if you are not a die-hard fan, road trips are just fun. Whether it takes 7 hours to get there, or 45 minutes, it’s a great way to bond with friends and cheer on your team. There is just something different about going to see your team at an opponents arena.

From the moment you decide to go, the excitement is there. Planning the trip, getting a hotel room, figuring out who will bring what, you can’t wait to go.

Some key ingredients for going on a road trip include fun travel partners, a killer play list, a coolers, grill and EMU gear.

Going to an opponent’s home stadium requires some tough skin. People love to heckle the away team. You just have to keep in mind that it is all in good fun and in the spirit of contest. Wear that green and white with pride!

With some shorter road trips coming up for our football team, it’s a great chance to test out the waters for a longer one. EMU takes on Toledo, October 8th and  battle Central Michigan University on October 15th. Both would make great road trips.

And if you do go, don’t forget to share your awesome pictures from your trip with EMU Athletics. They love seeing their fans on the road! See you on the road EMU.

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