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Apr 04 2018

7 Study Tips Every College Student Needs

by blogemu

We’ve all been there – we get stuck in a rut and need some extra motivation to get us through the semester, especially around finals. Here are seven study tips to help you out so you’re ready to do your best.


  1. Rewrite your notes. This will help you memorize information and retain it better than if you were to type it out and not go back and redo it. This also helps you to practice your penmanship as well – who doesn’t love pretty handwriting?


  1. Find your space, whether that be a quiet corner in Halle Library, the Starbucks in the Student Center, or your room. Finding somewhere you won’t be distracted is important so you do your best work.


  1. If possible, practice old exams. Once you know your teacher’s exam style, you will be better prepared for future exams (or at least be prepared for what the exam will look like so you’re kinda ready.)


  1. Study in groups. That way you are working on the same material with people who need to know the same things as you and you are able to collaborate on work. Being able to explain your work out loud helps sometimes, too.


  1. Ask for help if you need it; it shows that you’re working to success by working towards becoming your best self. Eastern offers a multitude of resources to help you in case you get stuck, whether it’s visiting the math lab in Pray Harrold or going to study sessions held by your supplemental instructor for your PSY 101 class.


  1. Study every day. Make use of your time so you’re not cramming later on; this way you will avoid stress and you’ll know the material better.


  1. Take a break. Cramming never helped anyone. This will give your brain a break and help keep you from getting overwhelmed.


Bonus: follow the link here to learn what your learning/study style is to better make use of your time. https://www.edutopia.org/multiple-intelligences-assessment


Do you have any study tips you swear by? Share them down below!


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