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Nov 13 2012

Ypsi’s Best Diners and Dives!

by Matt Jones

Check out this list of great Diners and Dives you can find all over Ypsilanti! Find something to make your stomach stop growling no matter what you are in the mood for.

Bill’s Drive In
Location:1292 E Michigan Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
Phone Number: (734) 485-2831
Price: $2-6

Simple yet amazing. It is around $4 for two hot dogs with anything on them and a monstrous glass of their home made root beer, which is literally amazingness in a cup. This root beer is literally the best out there. This place is definitely worth trying out!

Location:56 E Cross Street
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Phone Number: (734) 483-1035

They have gotten awards for best burgers in Michigan along with receiving an award for best burgers in Michigan. I would say that the rest of their food is good but I have never tried anything else because their burgers are just that good. At one point in time Oprah herself rated their burgers best in the country!

The Bomber!
Location:306 East Michigan Ave.
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Phone Number: (734) 482-0550
Price: $4-10

They have weird hours (7am-3pm), but have the best breakfast food in the area. The price they charge for the portions they serve is ridiculous. I promise you will leave with a box of leftovers and they have “Captain Crunch French Toast” which is the best breakfast I have ever had. You can even take on the huge “bomber breakfast!”

Gabriels Hoagies!
Location: 2585 E Michigan Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
Phone Number: (734) 483-5846

They literally have four things on their menu and they don’t need anything else because the four things they do cook, they do amazingly. Easily the best cheese steak I have ever had. Not vegetarian friendly and they do not deliver.

Lucky Seven!
Location:1777 Washtenaw Rd
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Phone Number: (734) 482-7770
Price: Lunch specials $5-6
Dinners: $6-10

The price is great for the quantity and quality of the food you get. They are also pretty cheap and have super quick delivery. Easily my favorite Chinese food restaurant in the area.

Los Amigos!
Location: 2851 East Michigan Avenue
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
Phone Number: (734) 480-3084

This is one of the most authentic local Mexican food restaurants. The portions are ridiculous for the price that you pay. They also have fried ice cream. Mmmmmm….Fried Ice cream…..

What is your favorite Dive or Diner?


  1. A good selection; I can personally attest to the quality of all of these places.
    Still, how come the great places on Washtenaw Ave get no love?
    These deserve a mention:

    Golden Egg
    2660 Washtenaw Ave
    A place for the whole family. Great breakfast and lunch, home-made soups, cordial service, all at very low prices.

    Taqueria La Casita
    2866 Washtenaw Ave
    Tacos, Tacos, Tacos. Very cheap and at a great variety, including rare meat toppings such as cabeza. Daily specials written all over the wall. Ask for a bowl of Pozole, which is not on the menue but just the treat for an autumn day.

    China Chef
    2870 Washtenaw Ave
    In my book, this place beats Lucky 7. I never placed an order without getting some Gyoza dumplings, which are excellent. Don’t be put off by the “seedy” look of the place, the food is great yet cheap and the whole atmosphere is friendly and relaxed – I’ve always been made welcome there.

    When it comes to Mexican restaurants, I have no trouble with Los Amigos, yet the food is so plentiful that it simply cannot be of the best quality. What made me go to Los Amigos were the amazing happy hour specials. For an excellent dinner I preferred La Fiesta Mexicana just off campus, where they serve a Mole that can’t be beat.

  2. FYI…it is called Sidetrack. Not Sidetracks.

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