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Dec 08 2017

Why you should become a HRL student staff member

by blogemu


Hello, my name is Josie! Before becoming an office manager of Hill Hall on campus, I was a resident advisor for two years in Walton Hall.


I remember applying to become an RA like it was yesterday. Being a student staff member is a lot of responsibility, but it’s a lot of fun and worth every second of it.


Here are four reasons why you should apply for a position with Housing and Residence Life!


You get to be creative. As a resident advisor (RA) or community programmer (CP), part of the position is putting on programs for residents in your community.


Brainstorming ideas for programs might seem stressful, but there is no better feeling than having a successful program! You also have an opportunity to make your floor your own with cool door decorations and creative bulletin boards.


You gain active problem solving skills. As a RA, you learn a lot from the people around you. I won’t lie and say the position is easy peasy, because it’s not. There will be times when you have to think fast and think on your feet.


At the end of the day, you can say you have conflict resolution skills and the ability to work under pressure.


You make a difference in the lives of others. Having worked in a primarily first-year hall, I had the chance to work with students who were experiencing college for the first time, which can be super scary.


Being someone’s go-to when they need some help, advice, or just some simple words of encouragement might seem like a lot, but trust me – the impact you make on the lives of residents is something they will remember forever.


You get to build your resume. You learn some valuable skills as a student staff member that looks fabulous on a resume. Some of those skills include written and verbal communication, time management, leadership capabilities, knowledge on how to budget, event planning, customer service, and marketing.


It’s safe to say that future employers will be impressed when they see the skills you gained from being a student staff member.

Click here to access the application and apply to be a student staff member today!




This blog was brought to you by Housing and Residence Life at EMU.

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