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May 01 2017

Why you can’t afford to wait on getting an EMU business degree

by blogemu

A business degree from Eastern Michigan University will help you stand out from peers in the job market.

More than half of people in their 20s and 30s expect to keep working until at least age 65, and nearly three-fourths of people in their 40s and 50s don’t plan to retire before then.


That means you’ve got a long time left in the workforce. Are you happy with the job you’re doing?


An associate’s degree is a great start. It’s like getting your foot in the door to a better future.


But when you transfer to EMU’s College of Business and finish a 4-year degree, it truly opens up a wealth of opportunities. A bachelor’s degree can boost your income by thousands of dollars a year. More than that, an EMU education gives you real-world training that gets you ready to hit the ground running on a new career.


Can you afford to wait?


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Workers with an associate’s degree earn 27-percent more over their lifetime than workers with only a high school diploma, according to U.S. Census data. People with a bachelor’s degree earn 65-percent more.


Not only does a bachelor’s degree translate to more income, but also more stability. The unemployment rate of recent college graduates is down to 4 percent. Among Eastern Michigan University business grads, 94 percent gets jobs right off the bat with an average salary of $54,803.


Plus, a bachelor’s degree opens a wider range of professional opportunity.


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“Someone with an associate’s degree might find after a year or two that ‘This is okay, but I’m not really getting enough satisfaction. I’m not being challenged.’ Once you have that bachelor’s degree you have the ability to really pick out what you like and what you don’t like about a career and find different opportunities.


“Coming and completing a 4 year degree opens up great potential in terms of salary. You can go higher within a company. You can be promoted beyond where you might be able to go with just an associate’s degree and the wage potential is just tremendous. It really gives you all kinds of options which you don’t tend to have with just an associate’s degree.” –Sarah Otto, Director of Career Development & Outreach at Eastern Michigan University


Considering how long you’ll be in the workforce, it’s definitely not too late to finish a 4-year bachelor’s degree. In fact, taking some time to get that degree now might even bump up your future retirement date.


If you wait on school, chance are you’ll have to wait on retirement, too. Apply now to EMU’s College of Business.


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