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May 01 2017

Why the number 82 is so valuable to EMU transfer students

by blogemu

Here’s a fun fact that could save you thousands of dollars: Students transferring to EMU’s College of Business can bring with them up to 82 credits from a community college.


That’s two-thirds the number of credits needed to graduate! You can do most of your work at a community college where tuition costs less, and still walk out of Eastern Michigan University with a degree from what The Princeton Review has identified as one of the country’s best business schools.


EMU’s College of Business has unique articulation agreements with community colleges throughout Michigan and Ohio to allow so many transfer credits. You can complete not only all of the general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree while at a community college, but also begin work on your business major. Those classes will count toward an EMU degree in finance, accounting or any number of other hot business majors.


Eastern Michigan University has been named one of the best business schools by The Princeton Review.

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It’s important to meet with an advisor right away to let them know you want to transfer to EMU. That way you can make a plan and be sure that the classes you take in community college follow the requirements of the agreement between your school and EMU.


The more credits that transfer to EMU, the more money you save. That can reduce your amount of student loans, put extra money in your pocket or even give you a good jump on financing a master’s degree that could boost your future earning power even higher.


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Here are a few other things to know about transferring to EMU’s College of Business:


*EMU made the 2017 Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll for ensuring successful transfers. EMU’s transfer policies are flexible to help students achieve a 4-year degree.


*You can make an appointment with a College of Business advisor at any time. That can help chart a course that gets you a 4-year degree in the most timely, cost-efficient manner.


*EMU’s College of Business advisors will clue you in to scholarship and internship opportunities. Some funding sources are available specifically to business students and have application deadlines. For federal aid, students can file the FAFSA form as early as October of the year before coming to EMU.


*International AACSB accreditation gives EMU’s College of Business credibility around the world as an institution where students prepare with both excellent academic training and real-world application.


*With rolling admissions, students can apply to EMU’s College of Business at any time. It’s best to apply as much as a year in advance to allow for enough time to process the application and get admitted. That will improve your chances of getting into the classes you need to complete the final 42 credits of your degree.


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