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Mar 14 2013

What’s Up With That? Campus Life Edition

by Justin Digue



Welcome all cherished readers of BlogEMU. This is the first installment of a series I’d like to call (dot dot dot, drumroll, etc.) What’s up with that?  This series will take a new topic every week and dive in to EXTREME detail. (Well not quite extreme but hey, I have to make sure you learn something from this) This month’s topic is the elusive fox known as campus life.  The funny thing is, campus life isn’t quite elusive since you are constantly surrounded by it.  Campus life is simply all of the things you have the access to do while you are on campus.  Sure you could stay in your room and do nothing, but wouldn’t you rather get out and go meet new people and experience new things and just have some plain old fun?  I know I would.  Campus has many cool things to offer the student body and there are always special events going on every now and again. Some of the wonderful things that EMU has to offer our students are conveniently placed in a list below:
1. FREE Friday Night Movie: What’s not to love about free movies? Honestly?
2. Laugh Lounge: Standup comedy shows? Fun for girls and bros!! (Thyme was intentional)
3. Sky Lounge: Live Jazz music?! Sounds like a swinging time!
4. Winterfest and Homecoming activities: At their respective times that is, like can’t always be a party you know.
5. Theatre Productions
6. Band and Choir performances: They’ve got some crazy things they do, check it out sometime…for realz!
7. CONCERTS!!!: Discount prices + famous people = happy students!
8. AND MANY MORE FUN ACTIVITIES!! It’s like a game show, except everyone’s a winner and there’s no mean buzzer.
Ok, real talk time. Campus life really does have a plethora of activities for you to take part in so you can leave that dark room of yours and meet some really cool people. I’d highly recommend going out and getting involved, it will change your life! (unlike those infomercials with the ridiculous products that don’t work most of the time.) I can say that you will not regret getting involved, trust me!


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