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Dec 12 2018

What to Do Before Leaving for Break

by blogemu

You did it! You survived the semester! Everything from the first-day jitters and midterms, to the icy-cold weather of Michigan winters. With finals in full swing, there are only a few more things to worry about before you can fully relax. Not only do you have to prepare yourself to go on break, but don’t forget about preparing your room as well.


You first need to determine if you are in a residence hall that closes for break. Walton, Putnam, Phelps, Sellers, Wise, Downing, Best, and Buell Halls all close for the break between fall and winter semesters. These buildings close on Wednesday, December 19th at 12:00 pm and will not reopen for current residents until Sunday, January 6th at 9:00 am.


A ton of information will be provided by the in-hall staff and posted around the building to help you prepare for this; but to help you prep, we recommend that you follow these steps on what to do before you leave:

  • Take What You Need Home –Take any and all essential items with you for the few weeks that we are off. You don’t want to be without your favorite pillow until 2019! Need that special pair of kicks? Better take them! Traveling and need your passport? Don’t forget it!
  • Clean Out Your Fridge – Nothing is worse than coming back from break and smelling a stench so bad that everything in the room reeks of it. What could it possibly be? It’s that carton of milk you left from a month ago. Don’t leave any food in the fridge! Throw away or take home anything that’s left. And while we are taking about gross smells, make sure to take out all your trash before leaving.
  • Unplug Anything from Outlets – We’re all for being eco-friendly, so any items that are using an outlet should be unplugged. You won’t be using these items over break and the building can reduce its carbon footprint by not having them in use.
  • Communicate with Your Roommate(s) – Make sure to talk with who you’re living with on who will be the last person leaving. You wouldn’t want both of you leaving for the break with both expecting the other will clean up the room.
  • Check with Your RA – Residence advisors will post reminders on your floor about last minute things to do before leaving. This may include signing papers, cleaning up, reminders on taking out the trash and more. They will know specific tasks for your building so make sure to ask them before you leave.
  • Lock all doors and windows – Double check this before leaving, even if it’s just for a few days!
  • Make sure your windows are securely closed – With the wonderful December and January weather in Michigan, an open window can result in a lot of damage!

If you live in Hoyt, Pittman, Cornell, Westview, Brown, Munson, 600/601 West Forest or one of the Village buildings, these buildings and complexes remain open during the break. But that doesn’t mean that you are off-the-hook!


Anyone staying for all or part of the break period must sign-up for break housing no later than Monday, December 17th, at noon. Why? We need to make sure that everyone that is going to be staying on campus over the break period has appropriate card access to the buildings and to know who is here in case of an emergency.


Information on how to sign-up for break housing will be emailed to all eligible residents – if you miss this email, or have questions, reach out to your Resident Advisor, Graduate Hall Director, or your Complex Director for assistance.

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