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Feb 18 2013

Vegetarians Unite!

by Michelle Carter


My New Year’s Resolution was one that has been somewhat of a challenge but also very rewarding. I decided that starting on January 1st 2013 I would become a vegetarian. Did I do this because I am a huge environmentalist or animal lover? Not necessarily, I did it because it gives me a sense of self control and something to push me. As a new found loving vegetarian I have found it pretty easy to eat on campus because we definitely adhere to the meatless lifestyle here at Eastern! Even though it’s only been a month and a half that I became a devoted vegetarian I have found some of my favorite places to eat on campus.

1. Green Market Bistro at the Student Center- GMB offers so many vegetarian AND vegan options. My three favorite meals from the Bistro are the Black bean burger, Corn and bean salsa Quesadilla, and Veggie Stir-fry. Although these are just three options this does not even show what the entire bistro has to offer Vegetarians such as myself.

2. Marketplace- At the marketplace there are a few different options for vegetarians, they have the DELICIOUS gourmet grilled cheese, salad bar with multiple vegetable options, and the fruit area with different fresh fruits.

3. The Commons- Although there are not always options for the vegetarians there are ways to make your meal absolutely enjoyable. The lovely salad bar is a great start with Caesar salad prepared daily and also many other options of vegetables. There is also the fruit bar that has different fruits every day! WOW! Lastly, every day there is either some sort of potato or rice dish at the home-style cooking station.

Being a vegetarian can be difficult because you have to be very cautious of getting enough nutrients but if you pick the right places to eat than you will not have a problem. I have really enjoyed being a vegetarian and I think that it will be more than just a new year resolution but a lifestyle!
Veggie on!!


  1. Fantastic video! I just hope the talks to bring it back will work soon, because it’s a shame to rob the world from Michigan awesomeness!

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