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Oct 17 2017

Top 5 things students should know about the GHDs and ACDs in their residence halls

by blogemu

Just who are these unsung heroes of your residence hall and what do they do?


Number 1: GHD stands for Graduate Hall Director:


The GHDs are in charge of the student staff (RA)s in your residence hall. They make sure RAs ( Resident Advisors) and CPs( Community Programmers) have everything they need to make your experience living in a residence hall awesome. This could be anything from paper for door decs to pizza for programs.  


Number 2: ACD stands for Area Complex Director:


The Area Complex Director is over the GHDs and may be in charge of more than one residence hall building. They also supervise nightwatch and community council. Like the GHDs their job is to foster community in the residence halls. They come up with ways to do just that on a daily basis. Then they communicate their vision with the GHDs and aim to create an environment where students can flourish.


Number 3: Need a room change?:


If you ever have to change your room you can talk to either the GHD or ACD. They both can help you with the process of switching your room.


Number 4: Have I seen you somewhere?:


You can catch GHDs or ACDs in their offices, which are located inside the residence halls. They also may be present at a program in the residence halls


Number 5: They love students and want them to succeed:


David Hendricks GHD of Sellers Hall states: “I enjoy being Graduate Hall Director because I love college students, I think there remarkable”. ACD of the Towers Josh McPhatter says, he wants residents to be able to reach their full potential while living here on campus.





Kevin Hillman is a junior at Eastern Michigan University. He is majoring in Public Relations because he enjoys the task of growing brands. Kevin also serves as the President for the Resident Housing Associations Executive Board, and he also is a Social Media Content Developer for Housing and Residence Life.


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