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Nov 07 2012

Tips for Scheduling Your Classes

by Emily Boeman

The time of year has come to schedule next semester’s classes. Let the madness begin! Whether you are a freshman or a senior, the idea of scheduling can be a little daunting. But to help ease all of your anxiety and confusion, here are a few tips to help you get through the next few weeks.

  1. Know your program – One important step in knowing what classes to register for is to know what classes are required for your specific program. Eastern offers a great resource for this – the online catalog. It tells you what classes are offered for each major, which classes are accepted for the General Education program, and the prerequisites required for each class. This is useful so you don’t get stuck registering for classes you don’t need. www.catalog.emich.edu
  2. General Education program – If you are undecided about your major, you don’t have to be completely lost when it comes to scheduling your classes. The great thing about the GenEd program is that it requires students to take a variety of classes from a wide range of programs. So take a few different GenEd classes from different areas to get an idea of what kinds of programs you are interested in. www.emich.edu/gened
  3. Speak with an advisor – This is probably the most important step! The University Advising and Career Development Center (UACDC) in McKenny Hall offers advising for different majors and minors and can help you find an advisor in your specific program. Starkweather Hall also offers advising for honors students specific for honors classes. Speak with an advisor, it can save you loads of time when trying to plan your schedule! www.emich.edu/uacdc/students/advising


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