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Jul 30 2012

The Moving In and Out Madness

by Andre Moses

With the new fall semester coming rapidly ahead for new and returning young Eagles, the thought on everyone’s mind is, “What stuff should I bring?”

I remember before moving to EMU’s campus, I thought I would need the bare minimum, but I ended up bringing everything under the sun with me on move-in day, to the dismay of my parents who were helping me move in. In the end, I wound up learning a lot about the ins and outs of moving in, and moving right back out when the school year ends. Take my advice, and you’ll be perfectly equipped for move-in and move-out days:

  1. Bring for the semester, not the year: Be smart about the clothing you decide to bring. Don’t bring shorts and flip-flops during the fall semester. Leave all the seasonal clothing at home that isn’t appropriate for the season you’re in, and switch them out whenever you need to.
  1. Pack way before: One mistake I always make is packing the night before I move. You may think you don’t have that much stuff, but you really do. Try packing up little by little at least a week ahead. It really helps.
  1. More hands, the merrier: Recruit friends, family members and pets that are able to help out. Bringing 90 year old grandma isn’t a good idea.
  1. Early bird effect: Finding a good parking spot to lug your stuff to or from is key, so getting there early really helps. Also, the earlier you move in or out, the less people there will be moving, too. Trust me … waiting for the elevator being used by others with a mini-fridge in your hands is not the most fun thing to deal with!

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