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Oct 24 2012

The Geoff Larcom Project

by Meredith Massman

Roughly once or twice a week (sometimes more), every Eastern Michigan University student receives an email from, a rather persistent, Geoff Larcom. Now, I understand that the emails seem like they happen every day but how many do we really get? This question has stumped me for the past three years, so this year, my senior year, I decided to take action.

I call it “The Geoff Larcom Project.” A day or so before the first day of school, I opened my Eagle Mail and created a folder and titled, you guessed it, “The Geoff Larcom Project.” With the folder set, distinguished by its bright orange color, the project was ready to begin!

Every time, starting on September 5, 2012 when I would receive an email from Geoff, I read it (thoroughly of course), and then move it into the orange folder. The beauty of Eagle Mail is you can move emails from your inbox and keep them safely for as long as you would like; Eagle Mail will also keep a total of how many emails are in each folder.

As of October 10, 2012, Geoff Larcom has sent 20 emails. We have been in school for 36 days (this includes weekends), so we have received an email roughly every other day from our friend Mr. Larcom. Wow!

All jokes aside, even though the project is real, I would encourage all students to read the emails we receive. Geoff sends us emails pertaining to EMU’s campus such as events and policies. His emails have more information than you think! The next time you think about deleting an email, think about the project and what information the email has for you!

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