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Jan 24 2018

Thank you EMU!- An Alumni Feature From Stevie Newton

by blogemu


Eastern can’t get rid of me that easily!


Hi everyone – my name is Stevie Newton! You may have recently viewed me on the EMU Snapchat during my Alumni Takeover.


I began my college journey by attending community college to play softball, and then transferred to EMU in 2014 to study Public Relations and Communications.


Like most students at EMU, I enjoyed – and still do –  the diversity campus has to offer, the amazing scenic views, and the luxury of being surrounded by coffee shops and coffee lovers like myself.


As a student, I participated in Club Softball and was able to continue playing the sport that I love, while meeting and interacting with some pretty cool people who also shared the same interest.


I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to work in University Marketing; I sort of pushed my way into the position, but that’s another story! Working in University Marketing presented the chance to meet so many new faces on campus, and interact with talented and kind faculty and staff members.


I learned from the best in the classroom, and was fortunate enough to apply what I learned while working.



After graduating with my bachelors in 2016, I began graduate school to study Integrated Marketing Communications.


Shortly after, the automotive company that I was interning for created a full-time position for me and I decided to take a leap and test my skills – which has worked out incredibly.


Attending EMU was a challenge; in the best way. EMU challenged me to step further out of my comfort zone to learn some new skills and set myself apart in my competitive field.


I had friends from before college that attended EMU, so I was happy to maintain those relationships, but I was also challenge to welcome new personalities and individuals into my life. Attending EMU has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life.


I am proud to have been a part of such a WONDERFUL university. Thank you Eastern Michigan.




Stevie Newton was born and raised in Flint, Michigan and moved to Ypsilanti in 2014 to attend Eastern Michigan University. After graduating, she pursed her passion of social media and began her career at Horizon Global Americas as the Digital Marketing Coordinator. You can always find her with coffee in hand and laughing with her friends.

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