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Mar 19 2013

Student Spotlight: Matt Jones

by Nicole Roser

Matt Jones

It is such a common name but if you were to ask an involved student in campus life, Greek life, most residence halls, or admissions offices if they know Matt Jones they will immediately smile and say “Oh my Goodness yes! I love him.”
I am not sure if you know this but Matt Jones is the most important and involved student that goes to this school.
He originally came here as a vocal music education major. This was the only school he applied to. He knew eastern was going to be his home the day he auditioned. He got into vocal music education and vocal music therapy. He is very awesome.
He dropped all hopes of being a musical major his first semester due to his newfound hatred for music. He became an elementary education major and rushed Tau kappa Epsilon his first semester. He didn’t become as involved his freshman year as he hoped to be but that all changed his sophomore year.
During Matt Jones sophomore year he became involved in Relay for Life and that took up a majority of his time along with being a member of TKE and he didn’t change his major yet. He also worked concessions at the Convocation Center and football field. In this job he got to see Jason Maraz and Deadmou5 for free. He is so cool. At the end of his sophomore year he also took on a chair position in TKE. He had a lot on his plate.
Junior year he took on fundraising chair, played men’s volleyball, and became the president of Tau Kappa Epsilon. He was able to juggle all of his responsibilities and remain a part of Relay for Life but he changed his major once again to communications. He also got a new job at a pizza place and became a resident advisor of Phelps Hall.
This year Matt Jones is a senior living directly off campus. He is still an extremely involved member of TKE and works as a tour guide in admissions. He is done changing his major and hopes to graduate next year as a super senior.
This is the life of a super involved Eastern student, so if you too attend Eastern Michigan you could have a life just like Matt Jones. Be a Matt Jones.
-Nicole Roser


  1. I’m sad to see that Eagle Temps was not mentioned! I work in the University Advising and Career Development Center and it is the best place to be! Everyone is so nice! I look forward to going to work everyday!

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