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Nov 09 2012

Running On Campus

by Katelyn Bono

Eastern Michigan University is considered by some of the students to be a hilly
campus. For some students, they do not really like walking to class uphill. I agree!
However, I am also very thankful for these hills because running up the hills helped
me train for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. Here are some of the routes I like
to run on campus to help me train for upcoming runs.

  1. Campus Loop: Basically I run the perimeter of campus. Starting on Lowell St. to Washtenaw and then on to Oakwood. I turn to go around The Village and pass the Children’s Institution. Finally, I turn down Huron River Drive and follow it back to Lowell St and into campus again. This run has some steep inclines and allows you to see almost the entire campus from the outside. The run is roughly 3 miles!

  2. Hill Run: Start by Pray Harold and travel up the hill and turn towards the Brown Munson apartments. Next, turn again onto Oakwood, which will be a downhill first, then an uphill. Finally, turn on a sidewalk by the Student Center parking lot. You will pass behind Big Bob’s Lake house and follow the path until you are at the start of your run. I do this lap multiple times for a great hill workout. It is almost 1 mile each lap.

Running throughout campus this time of the year is beautiful seeing the colorful leaves. If you interested in running on campus with a group of runners, the running club on campus is known as The Road Running EMUs. The members that I have run with have shown me some great routes around campus and Ypsilanti. This club has meetings on Sunday evening generally once a month and meets for runs at different times throughout the weeks. I am so happy that I was able to train for my half marathon on campus because it is such a great place to run. Completing my goal of finishing my first half marathon was not easy but I am thankful for my training regimen and my supportive family and friends!

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