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May 20 2015

Right Place, Right Time

by blogemu

Written by: Cynthia Kazanis
When it comes to the College of Business, every extra-curricular project represents an opportunity for adventure. It is important to recognize that the more often you say ‘yes’ to something that is not business as usual, the more chances you get to see events play out in your favor.


I work as a graduate assistant in the Marketing Department at the College of Business. I am interested in research and analytics, as well as passionate about my professional development. All of those things have enabled me to take full advantage of a unique opportunity presented when I happened to be in the right room at the right time:

  • It turns out that a promotional video featuring a successful alumna was being filmed in the building on a day when I came in early, looking to spend some extra time writing an essay for class.
  • It turns out that my lack of preparedness for being on camera was no barrier to including me in the film.
  • It turns out that my background in interdisciplinary research, though mainly academic, still makes me a strong internship candidate.
  • It turns out that I keep a copy of my resume nearby at all times.
  • It turns out that one of my professors sent a letter of recommendation in support as soon as I skipped into the office, pleased as punch about my lucky meeting.

The result: a summer internship with Pure Visibility that will lend me invaluable experience putting classroom lessons into practice in a real-world marketing firm.
Countless sources will tell you that the secret to success is to never say ‘no’ to opportunity. But, often, opportunity is perceived as something with which you are already familiar, with predictable outcomes. An adventure is something you may be unfamiliar with, something that may intimidate you.
Say ‘yes’ anyway. It turns out to be an excellent choice.

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