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Oct 08 2012

Relieve Stress (in College) Now!

by Krystal Bush

Twenty two days. Just 22 days in and I already feel as if my world is about to explode. Twenty two days ago, junior year started and with work, and classes and a second job and homework and organizational meetings and LBC events and *breathes*…well, the list goes on, I’m stressed. And just like many other college students, the pressures of maintaining a healthy life, encompassing a balance between academia, social/ extracurricular activities, employment and physical health, are starting to get to me. But I’ve found a few quick and easy ways to relieve stress (and save time).

  1. Plan ahead — Whether you choose to write daily tasks lists, pick Tuesday’s outfit on Monday night or schedule each week’s events on Sunday evenings, knowing what you need to accomplish allows you the ability to schedule time to do it and alleviates stress.
  1. Wake up earlier — I know it sounds crazy because you’re trying to maximize the 4 hours of sleep you get each night, but waking up earlier is extremely beneficial. It provides time for breakfast which makes it easier to be more alert in the first classes of the day (and cereal eaters are happier than people who do not eat cereal).
  1. Dance —When I find that I have spent so much time studying that I am no longer comprehending the material, I take a break. I turn on my favorite song and dance ridiculously in the mirror, or in my roommates’ faces.
  1. Watch what you eat — Or just add a small bag of sunflower seeds to your daily snack list. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, which help to enhance mood.
  1. Chill — Every moment in college does not have to (and should not) be spent attempting to hold that spot on the Dean’s List or get a promotion at work. It’s okay to kick up your feet and do nothing once in a while. As long as it doesn’t become a habit…


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