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Oct 16 2012

Reflecting on EMU’s "First Four"

by Freddy Karn

The First Four orientation was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life as a whole. It was a phenomenal way for me to get settled into my new home and meet some remarkable people.

The first day felt great finally being able to move in, but my largest concern was who would I talk to? The only person I knew was friends with was my roommate, and no one else. It started to turn around once we had lunch and then went to the Convocation Center for a few speeches. Once all that was over, we were assigned to our groups. My roommate and I had group 76. It was strange at first, being tossed into a random group of people whom I have never seen before. It felt a little awkward but once we started playing some games and doing some ice breakers I was way more comfortable. Sure, not everyone enjoys icebreakers, but our group developed a friendship so quickly from them.

During the next few days our group was tight knit. We would call each other if one person was late, we entertained ourselves by talking, and we started developing plans to hang out afterwards. All the activities we did were a blast during orientation, and we received free food on top of that! It was a grand experience I would relive any day. Luckily I can, my group is still close today and we are always hanging out. Our pastime is playing hacky sack, we get a solid group of five or six to start and it expands quickly! Almost everyone in our group now owns a hacky sack. Orientation was an amazing time and I highly encourage all freshman to go to the events scheduled, you just might meet some of your greatest buddies on campus.

What did you love most about EMU’s “First Four” orientation this year? Leave a comment!

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