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May 11 2017

(Part 3) How this guy’s future could change for the better at EMU

by blogemu

A business degree from Eastern Michigan University improves job prospects, increases income potential and leads to a higher quality of life.

Cob, an imaginary cartoon person who represents a typical EMU College of Business transfer, has some pretty common reasons for thinking about a 4-year degree. He also has some common concerns about affording tuition.


Looking long-term, however, the upfront costs of a bachelor’s degree pale in comparison to the return on that investment – both financial and otherwise.


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Cob should consider these benefits of earning a 4-year degree:


*Increased income potential – People with bachelor’s degrees earn 30-percent more money over their lifetime than people with 2-year associate’s degrees, according to federal census data. Compared to people with only high school diplomas, 4-year degree holders earn 65-percent more.


*Improved job prospects – Not only do students in EMU’s College of Business gain more knowledge and learn more skills, they also get hands-on learning experiences that jumpstart their careers. An alumni survey of 2013 EMU business school grads found a 94-percent job placement rate with an average salary in the $50,000 to $59,999 range.


“We’ve become known within the corporate world as the institution that helps our students get that hands-on experience that allows them to hit the ground running, whether it be through an internship or a cooperative education experience or a part-time job in the industry. You get to apply those theories and concepts before you even get to graduation. Most of our students come out of college with a degree as well as hands-on experience, which helps them in the job market because for those positions that require 1-year experience most of our graduates already meet that. In terms of your ability to market yourself once you graduate, you’re in a whole other ballgame.” –Sarah Otto, Director of Career Development & Outreach at Eastern Michigan University.


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*Higher standard of living – Money aside, research shows that people with 4-year college degrees are more likely to exercise regularly, more likely to volunteer and be active citizens in their communities, and more likely to spend quality time with their children. They’re also more likely to get jobs that provide health and retirement benefits.


*Enhanced job marketability – A 4-year degree from EMU’s College of Business prepares students for hundreds of careers, or even for starting a business. The broad training that people get as they obtain a bachelor’s degree makes them better able to adapt to an ever-changing economy, enabling them to switch jobs – or even careers – more easily than people without a 4-year degree.


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