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May 07 2017

(Part 2) Why this guy wants to go back to college

by blogemu

Eastern Michigan University made the Pi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll for helping students balance their lives and return to school for a 4-year college degree.

Our cartoon friend Cob has never really looked into pursuing a bachelor’s degree because he thinks he can’t afford it (ADD LINK TO PART 1). But he knows a 4-year degree could improve his job prospects.


Things aren’t terrible at work right now. It pays the bills (mostly), but it’s not his dream job. And it’s not as much money as he could be making if he just had that degree.


Cob is not alone.


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What’s motivating him to think about going back to school are the same things that motivate most people to get back on track for a degree:


*Many people who come back to school to finish a 4-year degree have hit a ceiling in their current job. In order to be promoted or make more money, they need a bachelor’s degree.


The typical person changes jobs about once every five years. Not only can a business degree qualify someone for a promotion, the base skills and knowledge that comes with the degree make it easier for someone to switch from one job to another.


*Some people who go back to school haven’t been happy in their current career and want a better quality of life. Studies show that people with 4-year college degrees make more money, are more likely to get health and retirement benefits through their employer, exercise more often, volunteer more and spend more quality time with their children.


*Over a lifetime of work, a person with a bachelor’s degree will earn 65-percent more money than someone with only a high school diploma, and 30-percent more than someone with a 2-year associate’s degree. Cob is interested in supply chain management, which is one of Michigan’s Hot 50 Jobs for the next decade. Demand for operations research analysts with supply chain management degrees is projected to surge 36 percent, with a wage range of $31 to $49 per hour.


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Cob won’t know it until he makes an appointment to meet with an advisor, but EMU’s College of Business is perfect for someone like him. The average age of students trends a bit higher than the rest of the university at 26 years old because so many working professionals are taking classes.


Eastern Michigan University is experienced at crafting a college plan for non-traditional students who have more demanding schedules than students coming right out of high school. The university has made the 2017 Pi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll for the service it provides to transfer students.


Here’s what Cob could learn from Joe Vainner, EMU’s Associate Director of Transfer Admissions:


“A lot of non-traditional students, adult students and part-time students find that maybe at some other schools professors and advisors and financial aid workers aren’t used to dealing with students in their situations and don’t necessarily know how to serve them. At Eastern Michigan, because we have so many students in all sorts of different life situations, pretty much no matter what your situation is we’re used to that and we’re able to get you the help you need. We have programs that can be completed primarily in the evenings and we offer hundreds of online courses.


“We have all the resources that a bigger school has but without some of the getting lost in a crowd. We pride ourselves on making sure that students are not just a number but they’re actually able to get the help they need.”


It’s time for you to apply to EMU’s College of Business, and we’ll help you figure it all out.


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