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May 03 2017

(Part 1) How EMU can help this guy pay for college

by blogemu

A business degree from Eastern Michigan University is more affordable than you might think.

Meet Jacob.


Jacob isn’t a real person. He’s just a cartoon character representing real people who are in his shoes (if he had shoes), people who would benefit by enrolling in EMU’s College of Business. Let’s call him “Cob,” for short.


Cob’s current job doesn’t pay as much as he’d like and it’s not exactly the kind of work he wants to do, so sometimes he thinks about transferring to EMU and majoring in business (supply chain management, specifically).


Cob thinks getting a 4-year bachelor’s degree could be good for him, but he doesn’t know how to pay for it. He took some classes at a community college and thought those were expensive enough. He knows that university tuition costs even more.


So Cob has never bothered to look more into it.


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Poor Cob. Here’s what he could have learned had he made an appointment to meet with an advisor in EMU’s College of Business:


*75 percent of EMU students get financial assistance via federal aid, work-study grants or scholarships. Cob could have made an appointment at the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center to ask questions and learn about financial aid, billing and registration. That’s a great place to start.


*The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) comes out in October each year. It should be completed no later than mid-June, though the earlier the better.


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*Federal funding for work-study opportunities is in high demand, so prospective students should file their FAFSA early. Even if work-study wasn’t included in Cob’s financial aid package, he still could get a job on campus (or off-campus) to help pay for college.


*Lots of scholarship money is available, and you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to qualify. Some scholarships are specifically for transfer students, and others are targeted for particular business degree programs. Check out scholarship opportunities and application deadlines here.


*Even if you don’t have your financial aid all set up, you still can apply for admission and register for classes. EMU does not drop students from classes for non-payment. Working a year in advance is recommended. You can apply a year before taking classes. That will ensure that you can register for the classes you need and they’re not filled up.


Yes, Cob, a high-quality college education does cost money. But there are ways of working around that.


You should make an appointment to talk with an EMU advisor to learn about financial options that are available.


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