Jul 05 2017

Discover the Social, Emotional, and Physical Benefits of PEGN Physical Activity Classes

by blogemu

Are you looking for a class that will keep you active? Do you want to learn a new skill or sharpen your skills in an activity you currently love?  Would you like to reduce your stress and meet new people in the process?


You can do all of this AND receive credit that will help fulfill your graduation requirements here at EMU.  Our PEGN (physical activity courses) are a fantastic way to do all of this!


PEGN classes are offered both on and off campus during the Fall, Winter, and Summer sessions.  One of the many great things about our classes is that there is something for everyone!  We offer a range of activities in aquatics, dance, traditional sports, martial arts, personal safety, health and wellness, and fitness.


Many of our PEGN courses run for short sessions or just weekends.  There is sure to be a class that fits in your schedule. We also have courses that start late in the semester so if you find yourself in need of a course, don’t hesitate to take a PEGN course!


Here are additional benefits for our PEGN classes:


  • PEGN classes fulfill General Ed requirements
  • 8 PEGN credits can apply to graduation requirements
  • Convenient schedules – weekend only classes, 6 weeks classes, classes starting late in the semester, on and off campus
  • You can repeat a PEGN activity class two times – sign up for it again if you like it!
  • New classes are offered each semester
  • A variety of courses are offered and for all levels and abilities
  • Classes are typically 1 or 2 credits
  • Click here to view a listing of all the PEGN courses offered


For more information about all the various PEGN classes offered at EMU and at other locations, please contact Jean Foster at jfoster9@emich.edu or visit Eastern’s website. To get a glimpse into PEGN courses feel free to check out this video.

Jun 26 2017

Swoop’s Food Pantry

by blogemu

One of the biggest stressors that college students face is dealing with money. The best discovery I made this year that has helped relieve some of that stress is was Swoop’s Pantry. For those of you who don’t know what Swoop’s Pantry is, it is a food pantry run by EMU faculty, staff, students, and alumni volunteers.


The basic mission of the pantry is to provide food and other essentials assistance to current EMU students. It is a way for students who have trouble paying for groceries each month can come to the pantry and get groceries for free. To read more about their mission feel free to check out their website.


Swoop’s Food Pantry is located in Pierce Hall, on the 1st floor. The set-up is super easy; all you do is walk in, fill out a quick online form to prove that you are a current EMU student, and then you start shopping!


The pantry has shelves and shelves of fresh produce, meats and poultries, canned foods, grains, and desserts. There are even shelves for free toiletries and kitchen supplies. EMU students in need can come to Swoop’s Food Pantry, sign in, and pick up reusable fabric bags to fill with foods and supplies. Students are allowed to visit Swoop’s twice a month, but if on a dire circumstance, three times a month.


The food for the pantry is half donated, half bought by the program. Donations come from awesome local non-profits, including Growing Hope, who provides organically and locally grown produce to the pantry. If you want to donate, or know somebody who wants to, donations are always appreciated!


Swoop’s Food Pantry is even open up during the summer. If you’re an EMU student in need or have the completely normal stress of trying to stock groceries for yourself, you should definitely check out this amazing, on-campus resource.


The hours are Monday through Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Check out Swoop’s Food Pantry and let us know what you think!

Jun 21 2017

It’s Coffee Time: The New Starbucks Location Is Now Open!

by blogemu

EMU’s very own Starbucks has  moved and has gotten BIGGER and better, located where the old Ezone was, Starbucks has taken over the Student Center. Following the grand opening of the Student Center in 2006, Starbucks was right behind that, opening it’s doors in May 2007.



Today, the Starbucks location in the Student Center is a full-fledged Starbucks, now carrying the full pastry and sandwich program. This new location will not only grow in menu size but it will also offer room to grow as well. Along with the space comes WiFi which will be available inside and outside on the patio for Starbucks customers.


So it’s bigger but why is it better?


Well the pastry and sandwich program is a plus, and the space provided is nice but the real reason I’m geeking about this new and improved Starbucks is the little amenities it has to offer like…


Outlets at the tables! This is probably as close to genius as it gets offering a quick way to get some power for your phone, computer, Ipad you name it. This minimizes the cords laying all over the floor and provides easy access.


The big tables for groups (and group projects ugh.) We all know this a little too well but group projects and meeting at the library – boring. These huge tables provide a perfect space to get together this a group of friends or a group for class to bust out some homework.



The Decor. Everyone loves a space with good lighting and great decor, this is the perfect place capturing the earthy tones Starbucks in known for while providing some rustic elements to make this place feel cozy.



The Patio with WiFi. I mean come on who do I need to convince that this is amazing! WiFi! Even on the patio, you don’t gotta tell me twice. If nothing else get’s you to come to this new Starbucks, let this be the reason! Get yo’ coffee and WiFi on.


As the Starbucks moved from it’s upstairs locations, The Lobby Shoppe will be fulfilling its new location which is in the works right now (no date on when it will be open). This will include many great design features like the Starbuck’s has including the garage door look as the shop door! With the hopes of continuing to be the #1 Student Center in the Nation we look to grow and expand and this is just the first step in maintaining that.


Go check out the new Starbucks – I guarantee you’ll be back!