Jul 26 2017

Fifth annual TRUEMU Night at Comerica Park 2017

by blogemu

It’s that time of year again! The fifth annual TRUEMU Night at Comerica Park was last night, July 25th, and it was a huge success!


With over 800 Eastern students, staff, alumni, and supporters of all ages in attendance the night was a hit and fun was had by all who came out and supported the Tigers.


TRUEMU Nights are always a great time, and TRUEMU Night at Comerica Park was no different. Eagles showed their Eastern pride by sporting green and white as well as there EMU/Tigers hats.



The night opened with the throwing of the first pitch by EMU Political Science Professor Ed Sidlow. A strike was thrown of course! The singing of the national anthem was done by EMU music student Devyn Mitchell. Mitchell did a wonderful job. The talent our students at Eastern have is incredible!



Throughout the night there were several performances from the EMU cheer and dance teams. Eastern’s very own Swoop could also be spotted during the game as he made several appearances on the field and throughout the park.



Part of the evenings success came from the money raised. A $5 portion of every EMU ticket package sold went towards the Genuine Eastern Michigan (GEM) Scholarship Fund raising a total of $4,055. This fund is used to help EMU students.


The check was presented on the field and accepted by Regents Mary Treder Lang and Jim Webb, President Dr. James Smith and his wife Dr. Connie Ruhl Smith, VP for Communications Walter Kraft and Student Government Vice President Larry Borum, and of course Swoop.



After the game EMU supporters gathered behind the EMU sign on the field and took a group photo to commemorate the evening.


TRUEMU Night at Comerica Park 2017 was a huge success and we can’t want to celebrate again next year with our Eastern family!

Jul 19 2017

Volunteer Opportunities For Students in Ypsi and Around Campus

by blogemu

Are you looking for ways to give back to your community? Do you like to volunteer, but aren’t sure where to start? Look no further! There are many amazing places to volunteer your time and talents in the city of Ypsilanti as well as on Eastern’s campus.


Check out these great resources and places to volunteer:


Vision Volunteer Center


VISION, or more formally known as Volunteers Incorporating Service Into Our Neighborhoods, is dedicated to helping students, as well as staff, become actively engaged in service. The VISION office is located in EMU’s Student Center in room 346. The goal of VISION is to address global and local issues and meet community needs. VISION is a great resource for students as it counts toward LBC credit, students can earn pre-teaching hours, and it’s a great way to get more involved with the EMU community. If you would like more information on volunteering visit their website, or stop by their office in the Student Center and check it out!


Swoop’s Food Pantry


Swoop’s Food Pantry is a pantry open to EMU students. The pantry is located on the first floor of Pierce Hall, and it is run by EMU faculty, staff, students, and alumni volunteers.The basic mission of the pantry is to provide food and other essentials assistance to current EMU students. The pantry is always looking for donations as well as for volunteers. Volunteering for Swoop’s Food Pantry is a great way to directly give back to your fellow Eagles. To read more about their or to sign up to volunteer mission check out their website.


Growing Hope


Growing Hope is an organization located in Ypsilanti that helps people improve their lives and communities through gardening and increasing access to healthy food. According to their website, Growing Hope serves as a technical assistant, program coordinator/partner, and general resource for nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and educational institutions that wish to use gardening as a way to further their social, educational, and/or environmental missions. Growing Hope has a variety of volunteer opportunities which include working in their garden as well as their main office. For more information check out their website.


Dawn Farm


Dawn Farm is an organization that has residential, outpatient and detoxification programs for addicts. The goal of Dawn Farm is to assist addicts and alcoholics in achieving long term recovery. A unique factor about Dawn Farm is that they place an emphasis on the recovering community as the most important source of healing and recovery support for their clients. Dawn Farm offers a continuum of addiction treatment and recovery support services. Volunteer opportunities with Darn Farm include assistance with the Dawn Farm garden, assistance with special events, assistance with Dawn Farm mailings, and assistance with organizing donations to name a few. For more information or to check out other volunteer opportunities visit Dawn Farm’s website.


These are just a few of the great organizations on EMU’s campus and within Ypsilanti that are in need of volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. Pick an organization that is meaningful to you and start volunteering today!

Jul 12 2017

Life after graduation: What now?

by blogemu

One of the things that everyone thinks about while cramming to finish our degree is what will happen after graduation. We’ve just spent years educating ourselves to be prepared for what’s to come, but nothing is concrete until we have a degree in our hands.


Finding a job after graduation can be quite a task depending on what career field you’re entering. Not every area is actively searching for new people and it can be very discouraging if you don’t find something right away.


After I graduated in April, I took on a full-time internship at Visteon in Van Buren Township. I’m part of the marketing and communications team and we are few in numbers. Internationally, our team is comprised of about 15 people. For a large corporation, this isn’t very much but we get the job done.


In my case, an internship was the best option for me after graduation as I will be moving across the country in September. For those of you who can’t find full-time work directly after graduation, looking for an internship may be a good alternative. Internships keep you current in the industry and they’re something to put on your resume.


Life after graduation has been a complete transition. Going from being in a classroom all day to being in a cubicle and working environment has been a bit of a challenge.


My professors and my program fully prepared me for life after college. The techniques and writing styles I learned during my education prepared me for what was to come. Had I not attended college, I wouldn’t be able to perform the daily duties expected of me in this position.


The most pertinent thing to keep in mind is that sometimes it takes time to find the position that’s right for you. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get a job on the first try – that just means it wasn’t meant to be. Keep your chin up and keep looking, something will surface eventually that was a match made for you.





Courtney Schultz is an EMU alumni. She graduated in April with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and communications. Follow her around @cschulPR.