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Oct 12 2012

Need a Class?

by Jared Schueren

Are you confused of what classes to take? Want to take a class that doesn’t have to consist of long lectures? Why not try photography for non-majors! As a part of your general education credit in school you have to fulfill different areas of study.

Photography for non-majors will fulfill one of the two Art requirements. I took this photography class my first semester here at Eastern, and let me tell you, it was an awesome class.

Christine Ridgway is the lecturer for this class and she is one amazing professor. She didn’t treat the class like an easy art class; she had us think outside of the box and to push our creativity to another level.

This photography class is not digital photography; it is black and white film photography. Since this is a black and white film class you will be able to work in a dark room with enlargers and developing chemicals. As well as you will be able to develop and print your own images. As a part of this class you will need photo supplies, the main supply list consist of:

  1. 35-millimeter film Camera
  2. Black and White Film
  3. Photo Paper, film sleeves for negatives, and a portfolio

This class does not require you to have any previous knowledge of photography or any specific talents. This class is designed for anyone interested in learning and working with photography. Photography for non-majors has been one of the best classes I have taken at Eastern. So next time you register for classes, considering taking Photo for Non-Majors!

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