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Oct 25 2017

What’s Cookin’ on Campus? #NationalFoodDay

by blogemu

Let’s talk food. I mean it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite subject and it’s what we are supposed to talk about on National Food Day, right?


At EMU, we take food seriously and we want you to know about all the dining options on campus. With nearly 30 places to eat at, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.


If you think The Commons is the only place serving food… read on, because we are breaking down EVERY location for #NationalFoodDay.




That’s right. We have a Chick-fil-A on campus. Find it inside McKenny Hall and fall in love with crispy chicken sandwiches, golden waffle fries and dreamy milkshakes. After you try it, you will want to come here for lunch every day, we promise!



The Student Center:

Inside the number one student center in the nation, you will find a number of dining options including:


Mondo’s: Serving up subs, house-made chips & freshly baked cookies.


Starbucks: A must-visit cafe on campus, especially during October (PSL!!!). Our friendly baristas are serving up coffee and tea drinks, breakfast sandwiches and pastries, among other snacks.


Sono: Grab all your favorites like tacos, nachos, quesadillas & more at this location!  


Hasty Rabbit: Do you love gourmet soups, salads, sushi & lot’s of vegetarian/vegan options? Then you must check out Hasty Rabbit salad bar!


Build: Fast-fired pizza is made fresh and is ready in minutes at BUILD Pizza.  


Lobby Shop: This is a quick one-stop-shop and is perfect for grabbing sandwiches, chips, candy, bottled beverages, coffee, and more when you have limited time.


SmashBurger: It’s a west-coast burger joint that serves hand-smashed burgers, delicious, seasoned fries & creamy milkshakes.



The Eateries:


The Eateries is located in the first year center, sandwiched between Sellers & Walton residence halls. This location is open until 1 a.m. and has everything you crave past 10 p.m., inside you will find:


Grill Nation: Stop by Grill Nation if you are craving burgers & fries.


Cluck: Cluck is the best place to go if fried chicken is on the brain.


2Mato: Get all your Italian favorites like pasta, pizza and breadsticks at 2Mato.


Create Salad Bar: Want something healthier? Build your own fresh, made-to-order salads & wraps at Create Salad Bar!



CrossRoads MarketPlace

CrossRoads MarketPlace is an eclectic location with a deli, salad bar, hot bar, ice cream station and a convenience store all in one.


Create: Create is a deli and salad bar. They serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches, DIY salads and also ice cream.  


Chobani: Make-your-own Greek yogurt parfait at the Chobani Greek yogurt station.


Quarter Pi: It’s a late-night pizza spot. Order pizza by the slice or a whole pie to share with friends.


Innovation Kitchen: In the mood for home-cooked favorites & hot meals? Stop by Innovation Kitchen and you won’t be disappointed.  


MarketPlace: It is called CrossRoads MarketPlace for a reason. Inside you can find a whole convenience store selling quick food, bottled drinks, medicine, toiletries and other goods.



Eagle Cafes


The Eagle Cafes are great places to grab snacks, coffee, bottled drinks, donuts, sandwiches, fresh fruit & more in-between classes or when studying. There are six locations spread around campus, including cafes inside Pray Harrold, Alexander, Halle Library, Marshall, McKenny & the Science Complex



The Commons

The Commons is our only all-you-care-to-eat buffet-style dining hall. The menu changes on a daily basis and there are many monthly dining events that take place here. The Commons is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner daily.



Now that you know all the places you can eat on campus, grab a few friends and celebrate National Food Day the way it should be celebrated, with great food! Be sure to follow EMU Dining Services on social media @emichdining to stay updated on events, promotions and more!

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