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Feb 01 2019

My College Bucket List: EMU Edition

by blogemu

Everyone should know what a bucket list is and if you don’t, it’s a list of really crazy, cool or awesome things you want to do before you well… kick the bucket. I think it is cool to have a bucket list for college too. Basically, it would be things you want to do before you graduate here at EMU. It could also include events EMU is apart of or it could just be about things to do in Ypsilanti in general. Plenty of us come from different cities, states, or even a different country altogether. You may not live in Ypsilanti year round or be around Eastern campus once you graduate so you should make a list of things you want to do before you walk across that stage. The list will motivate you to get out of your normal routine and stop and “smell the roses”. I personally made a list of things I would like to do here at Eastern and in Ypsi before I leave. Check it out, what would be on your EMU bucket list?

  • Be in an EMU Theatre production
  • Help volunteer on Eastern’s campus
  • Go to a basketball game decked out in all EMU gear
  • Go to a football game and sit in the first row of the student section
  • Attend a Comedy Night in the Student Center
  • Play the classic arcade games in the newly built Eateries
  • Try all the desert foods in The Commons and see which one is the best
  • Go to a new program in each Residence Hall
  • Go to a potluck dinner or a family dinner with friends
  • Perform in Poetry Society Showcase
  • Order a double meat burger from Smashburger
  • Take a yoga class at the Rec/IM
  • Join an intramural basketball league at the Rec/IM
  • Take pictures over Ford Lake
  • Have a photo shoot on the top of the parking garage in the summer
  • Play tag in Pray Harrold
  • Be in a Dodgeball tournament
  • See the leaves changes colors in the fall one last time
  • Try to run for Homecoming King
  • Meet President Smith

About the writer:
My name is Kevin Hillman and I am a junior here at Eastern Michigan University. I am studying Public Relations and I really enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with friends.

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