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Dec 05 2012

Miss Representation

by Michelle Carter

“Miss Representation” is a documentary about how women are misrepresented in media and how that affects their overall ability to become leaders in today’s society. There have always been a sad number of women represented in politics because it is not the “norm”. Why are women looked down upon for doing something they may be passionate about?  If people are educated correctly they should be able to do whatever makes them happy including women. Eastern Michigan University’s Greek Life through College Panhellenic Council and National Panhellenic Council are putting on a screening of “Miss Representation” on Saturday, December 8th at 2pm in the Student Center Ballroom. The viewing will be open to the public and after watching the film there will be small group discussion and a panel of students and faculty. This will hopefully help make a difference in the equal rights of women around the world. Come out on Saturday and watch this amazing documentary.


  1. Fantastic video! I just hope the talks to bring it back will work soon, because it’s a shame to rob the world from Michigan awesomeness!

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