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Nov 01 2017

Midterms are just around the corner, are you ready?

by blogemu

Midterm Study Tips


It may feel like the school year just started, but we are already approaching the halfway point.


With this means that fall weather (or in our case what feels like early winter weather) is in full swing, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in stock, and midterms are ready to be taken.


One good thing about midterms is that now is your chance to see what your professors’ exams will look like come finals time.


For now, here are some tips on how to study for these tests:


  • Flashcards – It makes it easier if you’ve made flashcards throughout the year but it’s not impossible to catch yourself up in the weeks leading up to the midterm. You can put terms and definitions or even put important topics with descriptions on the cards. There is no limit to what can be put on the them. Color coordinating different topics or chapters can help your mind better remember what goes with what and help on the day of the test when attempting to recall information.


  • Quizlet – This free website utilizes the concept of flashcards but makes it easier to use and allows you to keep your flashcards with you everywhere you go. You make an account on their website, then you can create as many stacks of flashcards as you’d like and separate them by chapters or units. You can look at the information you’ve entered in standard flashcard form or you can choose from some of their interactive games that help you study your information in a different way. In addition, if you don’t have the time to make your own, you can always look up another stack of flashcards that someone else has made and study of off theirs. It’s a great tool if you’re in a rush or just looking for quick study session.


  • Study w/ a friend – One of the best ways to study is to get someone from your class (or even a friend that isn’t) and plan to study together. You can quiz one another on terms, ask questions and bounce ideas off one another. If you can, get together a whole group of people because what everybody knows can be different. and you can learn something you didn’t know before.


  • Switch up the scenery – Getting sick of looking at your dorm walls? EMU has many unique study places for its students. You can try the lounge in your dorm, the study spaces in the library (the third floor is the quiet floor!), and the student center has a study room near the new lobby shop on the main floor. You will never run out of places to try.


  • SLEEP – Last but not least, get some rest. Don’t stay up until 4 am every night studying and attempting to cram everything into your brain in one night. Space it out and get a good night’s sleep leading up to midterms week. You don’t want to study endlessly just to fall asleep during the test.



Olivia Wash is a sophomore at EMU and is currently majoring in marketing with a minor in apparels, textiles, and merchandising. She is involved with BlogEMU, AMA and the Honors College. When she’s not working for the Marketing Street Team or in class, you can find her working at Urban Outfitters in downtown A2.

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