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Mar 05 2018

LLTCs – What Are They?

by blogemu

EMU Housing and Residence Life offers a multitude of living, learning and theme communities, otherwise known as LLTCs, for residents to live in across campus.


From Arts Appreciation to Health and Wellness, there is something for everyone – below is a short overview of what each entails:


Honors Community – Available in Best and Downing Halls, the Honors Community focuses on professional development, civic engagement, scholarship and research, and community. Residents living in this community will have greater access to Honors College professors and staff, as well.


Arts Appreciation Community – Available on the first and second floors of Walton Hall, this community focuses on music, dance, literature/art and theatre/film appreciation. This community is open to students from any major and allows for residents to showcase their talents while sharing different perspectives on the arts.


Health and Wellness Community – Available on the second floor of Sellers Hall, residents can learn about health and wellness, community involvement, leadership, and support. Students in this community gather around ideologies of promoting personal change and encouraging personal growth.


SPECTRUM Community – Found on the eighth floor of Hoyt Hall, residents here commit to learning about identity, advocacy, visibility, and inclusion. Here residents can expect to be closely linked to the LGBT Resource Center as well as creating a close-knit support system.


Transfer Community – Found on the second floor of Pittman Hall, this community is specifically developed for students who transferred into the university as upperclassmen. This community focuses on academic integration, connection, community involvement, and personal development.


BrotherHOOD Scholars – Located on the ground floor of Sellers Hall, this community is specifically dedicated to men of color regardless of prior academic achievement. This community focuses on healthy relationships, productivity and goal setting, achievement and leadership, and persistence and completion.


Trio/SSS – Students in the Trio/SSS program are provided unique opportunities in regards to academic achievement, basic college requirements, and are provided with motivation to successfully finish college.


Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience – Located on the third floor of Walton Hall, the CSIE program connects students in STEM programs with faculty and community projects. This program also offers a book loan program and a free mentoring/tutoring program. This community focuses on the ideas of academic preparedness, professional networking, and academic service-learning experiences.


Multicultural Leadership Community – Located on the eighth floor of Pittman Hall, this program allows for students to grow interpersonally as leaders through two years and two specific pillars. Students must apply to live in the community.


To learn more about LLTCs, head over to emich.edu/housing. The application for incoming students to live on campus is available March 1, and returning students can begin applying March 14. We can’t wait to have you on campus!






This blog was brought to you by Housing and Residence Life.

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