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Nov 28 2017

Life Is Good When You Bleed Green and White! What It’s Like to be an EMU Tour Guide

by blogemu


      “Hi! My Name is Faith and I’ll be your tour guide today. We will be starting off right here in the number one student center in the nation! Down this hallway is….”


These sentences are ones that I am all too familiar with, but with every opportunity I have to rattle them off, I gain a sense of pride for this amazing university I get to call homE.  


      As mentioned above my name is Faith and I would like to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be a tour guide here at EMU! I have been working in the Admissions Welcome Center for about a year now and everyday is a new adventure.  

      I am going to highlight my three favorite things about working in the office in this post: working with the general public, the people I work with, and the university I get to show off.


      First of all, spending an hour and a half to two hours with complete strangers three times a week is always an adventure.  Since we are working with the general public you never really know what to expect.


      In fact, we go through around six weeks of training and a bulk of that training covers tough situations that may arise on tours, but I still have felt completely unprepared for some things that have happened.


Beyond that, you get to know these strangers and you leave feeling more like friends. It’s so cool to hear about people’s dreams and aspirations and what go them there.  I love learning about different people’s’ passion and watch their passion grow for this school throughout our route.


    Next, the people found in the Admissions Welcome Center identify more as a family than as a staff. It has been the time of my life working with some of my closest friends.


One of my favorite traditions in the office is when our whole team—tour guides, coordinators, advisors—get together and have breakfast before major events and start our day singing (more like scream) the EMU fight song together. The energy in the room is so positive and soooooo #TRUEMU.


      Finally, my favorite part about being a tour guide is being able to show off the place that changed my life.  Eastern Michigan University has meant so much to me and has really made me who I am.


The accepting and diverse atmosphere at EMU has allowed me to learn, grow, and explore myself more than I have ever imagined and I finally love who I am, because EMU loves who I am. I often think about who I might’ve become if I ended up elsewhere, and I don’t like the alternative.  


      Having a job where I can show others the freedom and opportunity found at this institution is amazing.  I am paid to talk about one of my favorite things in the world. What can I say, life is good when you bleed green and white!





Faith Salsbury is a sophomore from Toledo, Ohio studying Social Work with a minor in Leadership and a dream to go into Higher Education Student Affairs. Faith works as a Certified Tour Guide on campus and for the marketing department as a part of their awesome street team. Faith is also a proud member of Delta Zeta Gamma Sigma Sorority, The Diversity and Inclusion Group, and the Honors College.


  1. Thanks for the feature, Heather and team! We are always happy to find ways to connect with EMU students and staff. And large, friendly bald eagles. <3

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