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Apr 15 2013

Leadershape Will Shape Your life!

by Nicole Roser


As a student living on campus and involved with Greek life I couldn’t avoid the posters, announcements, and nagging friends telling me to go to an event called Leadershape. I had no idea what it was when I applied. I trusted the word of my close friends who told me the event was life changing. I have other close friends who will be attending with me. My boss from admissions will even be a speaker there. Even though I know little about Leadershape I have been accepted to participate and I know it will be a great experience.

I hope to get a lot out of Leadershape. I want to become more unified with my community by being put into an intimate and safe group setting with members of other chapters and students involved in other organizations. I want to learn how to better myself as a leader for the community. I want to educate myself on the qualities of a leader and ways I can use my strengths to benefit my community. I also want to learn new skills about communication with others, working with others, and encouraging others to reach their potential. I hope to be pushed out of my comfort zone in order to accomplish difficult tasks and create memories I will never forget.

I am sure Leadershape will go above and beyond my expectations. I have seen many people go through Leadershape and come out a better and more involved person. I have been told it is a life changing experience. I am very excited to have this experience!


  1. I’m sad to see that Eagle Temps was not mentioned! I work in the University Advising and Career Development Center and it is the best place to be! Everyone is so nice! I look forward to going to work everyday!

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